Inspire Fitness Dual Station Leg Extension/Leg Curl


The Inspire Dual Station Leg Extension/Curl impresses with its unique dual function, onwhich the legs can be trained separately.The studio-typical leg stretching and bending has been improved again and will increase the quality of your leg workout enormously.

The classic leg extension -studio training of the highest quality

The leg extension is one of the typical exercises in the gym and enjoys great popularity.You get the opportunity to train the four heads of the quadriceps in isolation and thus build up your thigh muscles effectively and in a targeted manner.

Effective leg curls for impressive thighs

Seated leg curls are a great way to train the back of your thighs.In conjunction with the leg stretches, you will be able to achieve great success in building up your leg muscles after a short time.

Two independent weight stacks for balanced strength training

The weight load of the Dual Station Inspire Leg Extension/Curl is controlled by two independent weight blocks (2 x 50kg). These offer balanced strength training that actively counteracts muscular imbalancesfor a beautiful body.

Modern design with a sporty shape

The shape of the Inspire Dual Station Leg Extension/Curl is sporty and modern. Its sleek black colour and robust round tubes give it a very modern look. Durability and quality are guaranteed. 

Frame:  Heavy-duty steel

Colour:  Matte black, chrome

Finish:  Electrostatic powder coat

Weight stacks:  2 x 115lbs (52 kgs) (1:1 ratio for 115lbs per leg)

Optional add-ons: 2 x 5lbs add-on weights (120 lbs max per leg)

Bold placards:  Simple usage instructions

Built-in storage:  Store 2 water bottles and any phone and/or tablet with built-in compartments

Resistance ratio:  1:1

Commercial pads -Closed cell foam, double stitched high grade naugahyde

Muscle groups:  Quads, calves, glutes, hamstring

Warranty:  Residential:  Limited lifetime Full commercial: Limited lifetime frame, 5 years moving parts, 1 year parts

Dimensions (W x L X H):  82 x 171 x 216 cm (32 x 67 x 85 inches) 

Weight:  265 kg (583lbs)