Inspire Fitness Dual Station Chest/Shoulder


The Inspire Chest/Shoulder Dual Station offers supreme design quality, functionality and stability. Train your chest and shoulder muscles at the highest level with the station’s 4 pulleys and dual weight stacks. The two weight blocks work separately from each other to redefine free training on a multi-gym.

Free chest training for a voluminous chest

The entire chest musculature can be trained effectively with the Inspire Chest/Shoulder Dual Station. Due to the free movement, it is possible to use the lower, middle and upper part of the chest muscles by making small adjustments to the angle. This is where training on the cable pull is far superior to a conventional chest press with a predetermined sequence of movements.

Broad shoulders with highly effective shoulder presses

The popular shoulder press is one of the basic exercises in weight training, and one of the most effective for the shoulder muscles. The free range of motion puts a strain on the stabilising muscles involved in the functional movement and offers perfect prevention of overloads and injuries. The triceps are also required and heavily loaded when performing the exercise.

Two independent weight stacks for balanced strength training

The weight load of the Inspire Chest/Shoulder Dual Station is initiated by two independent weight blocks (2 x 72kg), which stand for balanced strength training in which the stronger side of the body does not do the work of the weaker one. The result is an aesthetic body without possible muscular imbalances.

Modern design with a sporty shape

The Inspire Chest/Shoulder Dual Station is sporty and stylish. Its sleek black colour and robust round tubes give it a very modern look. Durability and quality are guaranteed.

Frame: Heavy-duty round steel
Colour: Matte black, chrome
Finish: Electrostatic powder coat
Weight Stacks: 2 x 165lbs (73 kgs) (1:2 ratio for 82.5lbs total per pulley) Commercial pads: Double stitched, high grade naugahyde
Bold placards: Simple usage instructions
Optional add-ons: 2 x 50lbs, 2 x 5 lbs add-on weights (110lbs max)
Resistance ratio: 1:2
Muscle groups: Chest, pecs, shoulders, biceps
Warranty: Residential: Limited lifetime Full Commercial: Limited lifetime frame, 5 year moving parts, 1 year parts
Dimensions (WxLxH): 140x150x158cm (55x59x62inches)
Weight: 288kg (635lbs)