Hammer Strength Heavy Duty Multi Rack


The new Hammer Strength Heavy Duty Racks. The only Racks big and bold enough to carry the Hammer Strength name.

We didn't design these racks. You did. We've forged your ideas with our experience and commitment to quality. You asked for top band pegs for overspeed training and pull-up handles with multi-grip angles for a variety of pull-up and chin-up options. You got 'em.

You wanted an always-centered locking bench. No problem. You decide what you want each rack system to accomplish--and we make them fit your precise needs.

That's the power of Hammer Strength Heavy Duty Racks. The only Racks big and bold enough to carry the Hammer Strength name.

Key Features

  • Open top configuration allows unrestricted overhead movements to accommodate tall athletes.
  • Rugged 3" x 3", 7-gauge steel and rust pretreatment ensure longlasting durability.
  • Welded bottom band pegs allow for variable resistance training to be added to free weight lifting.
  • Ergonomically angled chin-up handles provide natural exercise motion.
  • 10-year limited warranty on frame.

NB: Bench/Bar/Weights not included.

Hammer Strength Heavy Duty Racks provide a walk-through design to keep the training area open from the front to the rear of the rack.

  • 3" x 3", 7-gauge steel tubing is pre-treated against rust for long-lasting durability.
  • Replaceable wear strips protect the bar from metal-to-metal contact preserving the frame's finish.
  • 1" steel shaft runs through the entire length of the adjustable bar catches to maximize the overall strength.
  • Adjustment racks are externally mounted to the frame to ensure overall strength and integrity.
  • The patent-pending Spotter Platforms position the spotter in the optimum position relative to the user and easily fold down and out of the way when not in use. They also easily detach from the rack for additional foot clearance when squatting.
  • Band pegs on the top and bottom of the Racks offer options for over-speed training, variable resistance training and technique development.
  • The weight horns have a 2-degree angle preventing plates from slipping off the horn during heavy use.
  • The Integrated Weight Plate Labeling System helps facilities keep weight plates and the training area organized.
  • Standard band and chain storage helps keep the floor clear and the equipment organized and accessible on every Rack.
  • ASTM / EN957 Certified to guarantee the ultimate in performance and strength of the product.
  • 150 cm x 141 cm x 244 cm

Racks and Adjustable Bench are available in 9 standard frame colors and a custom color option. The bench also has 10 standard upholstery colors, 20 premium upholstery options and custom upholstery options.

Durable wood platforms and inserts are available for use with all Hammer Strength Heavy Duty Racks. Painted custom logos are available for additional charge.

PLEASE NOTE: All Hammer Strength equipment is made to order and is subsequently classed as a special order. Lead times may vary however we will always keep you updated regarding expected delivery time-scale upon receipt of your order.


Brand Hammer Strength
Usage Commercial Use
Condition Brand New