GymGear 6Ft. Olympic Hex/Trap Bar


This hardwearing, super versatile lifting bar is suitable for shrugs, deadlifts, farmers walks, squats and much more.

The Olympic Hex Bar is considered superior to barbells when performing heavy deadlifts as it reduces the tension places on the lumbar spine and prevents over-extension of the back muscles, whilst developing lower body strength and power, making it ideal for those suffering with lower back problems. The upright torso position used in the Hex Bar deadlift reduces the potential for injury, improves posture and corrects weightlifting technique.

The technique employed during Hex Bar deadlifts is more advantageous for beginner lifters who may have weaker back muscles and poor flexibility, and for taller athletes who may struggle to deadlift conventionally.


  • 700 lbs weight capacity
  • Dual knurled hand grips
  • Hardened chrome finish
  • 28 mm diameter grip
  • 37 inch internal dimensions
  • Integrated cap design
  • Bar Weight: 25 kg


Brand GymGear
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 2 years warranty