GymGear 40mm Premium Rubber Tile 1m x 0.5m


The 40mm Premium Rubber Gym Tile has a hard wearing ultra fine granule surface layer and a medium granule base layer. The Premium tiles are more abrasive resistant than standard rubber tiles. Perfect for protecting your sub floor and prolonging the life of your free weights and functional equipment with excellent noise suppression and rebound properties. We recommend using the 40mm Rubber Gym tiles in free weights areas, or any place in your gym where weights will be dropped. These tiles do not require a floor adhesive and lock together with dowels in the side of each tile. This means they are easy to fit and can be easily moved in the future. 

Size and Spec

  • Tile Size 1m x 0.5m x 40mm (2 tiles = 1 Square Metre)
  • Tile Colour – Black with grey fleck
  • Tile Material 100% Recycled Tyre Rubber
  • Base layer 2-3mm granules
  • Surface Layer – Fine grained recycled tyre rubber (black) and 15of coloured EPDM granules bonded with Polyurethane elastomer
  • Floor Hardness – is 60+/-5 ShA
  • Simple Installation – No floor adhesive required, tiles connect together with hidden dowels on all sides to prevent any movement.
  • Resistance to chemicals – good resistance to acids, alkalis and salts. Contact with oils and hydrocarbons is not advisable and will damage the floor tiles.
  • Tools Required for Fitting – Stanley knife and Rubber hammer
  • Cleaning – Vacuum on general setting, then lightly mop with a micro fibre mop and water mixed with a ph neutral cleaner. Do not flood the floor with water.