Gym Gear 10 Pair / Vertical Storage Rack (fits 1-10kg Dumbbells)



The Gym Gear 10 Pair / Vertical Storage Rack is a great looking, Space Saving, convenient dumbbell rack. The rack is made to store your free weights effectively. The newly designed 10 pair vertical dumbbell rack from Gym Gear is suitable for holding 1kg – 10kg Set or 2.5 – 25kg Set. It is super stylish and practical, holding 10 pairs in a small amount of space. The rack measures L 74 x W 60 x 172 (cm) and comes in an attractive silver, textured paint finish.

The new design of the Gym Gear vertical dumbbell rack is sturdy and secure for optimal storage of your free weights. There are 2 options available depending on the dumbbell set you choose (1 – 10kg or 2.5 – 25kg) and both store 10 pairs of Gym Gear Rubber or Urethane Dumbbells

Dimensions: L 74 x W 60 x 172 (cm)