Exigo Hip Thrust Bench

SKU 2420-1

The Exigo Hip Thrust Bench is designed to effectively target your glutes and surrounding muscle groups to build strength, increase power, and improve athletic performance.

Beyond its primary function as a hip thrust platform, our bench is extremely versatile and can be used for countless exercises. By adjusting the 9-position pad and utilizing the band pegs, this bench supports a large number of hip thrust variations, multiple types of deadlifts, Bulgarian split squats, box squats and more.

It includes a large non-slip platform to keep the user securely in place throughout any exercise, and its compact footprint and innovative design make it an excellent space-saving solution.

This piece of gym equipment can be used with a barbell or bands to set different levels of resistance and is much safer and easier than using a regular weight bench.

The Exigo Hip Thrust Bench is made in the UK with high-quality materials and backed by a lifetime warranty, making it a great addition to any commercial gym or professional fitness facility.

  • 9-position adjustable pad
  • 7 band pegs each side
  • Large non-slip platform
  • High-density foam pad
  • High impact feet
  • Hidden floor fixing points
  • Main frame lifetime warranty
  • Polyester powder coated finish
Length: 1760 mm / 70 ”
Width: 1052 mm / 41 ''
Height: 434 mm / 17 "
Weight: 62 kg / 137 lbs
Main Frame: 100x50x3 mm FSO
Certification: EN957 / EN ISO 20957

PLEASE NOTE: All Exigo equipment is made to order and is subsequently classed as a special order. Lead times may vary however we will always keep you updated regarding expected delivery time-scale upon receipt of your order.