Exigo Rear Chin / Dip / Leg Raise Station

SKU 2390-1

The Exigo Rear Chin / Dip / Leg Raise is a multipurpose piece of equipment than can be used to perform pull-ups, dips, and leg raises to target the chest, arms, and abdominals. This station allows two users to train simultaneously because of the rear facing pull-up bar. The frame is designed at an angle to eliminate strain on the lower back and to provide an intense abdominal workout. It features 38mm rubber ribbed handles, high density foam elbow pads, and high impact feet to keep the user stable and comfortable throughout exercise. The pull-up station offers multiple grip positions as well as a platform to assist the user getting on and off. This training station is made with 100x50x3mm Flat Sided Oval and is fully commercial with a lifetime warranty on the main frame.

  • Angled frame
  • High density foam pads
  • Rear facing pull-up station
  • Multiple grip positions
  • 38mm ribbed rubber handles with aluminium ends
  • High impact feet
  • Hidden floor fixing points
  • Main frame lifetime warranty
  • Polyester powder coated finish
Length: 1606 mm / 64 ''
Width: 1060 mm / 42 ''
Height: 2519 mm / 100 "
Weight: 103 kg / 228 lbs
Main Frame: 100x50x3 mm FSO
Certification: EN957 / EN ISO 20957

PLEASE NOTE: All Exigo equipment is made to order and is subsequently classed as a special order. Lead times may vary however we will always keep you updated regarding expected delivery time-scale upon receipt of your order.