Exigo Dual Adjustable Pulley

SKU 1230-1

The Exigo Dual Adjustable Pulley is an exceptional multi-functional and space saving machine that offers all the functionality of a cable crossover from a much smaller footprint. The DAP enables targeting of muscles from various angles and directions and offers numerous exercises to work both the upper and lower body. 5kg incremental weights allow precise resistance increases and numerous load options. This machine is made with 100x50x3mm Flat Sided Oval and is fully commercial with a lifetime warranty on the main frame.
    • Height adjustable pulleys
    • Multi grip pull up bar
    • Storage hooks for inactive handles
    • Two weight stacks
    • 5kg incremental weights are indicated in kg/lbs
    • Magnetic weight pin selector
    • 38mm ribbed rubber handles with aluminium ends
    • Instructional placard with targeted muscles
    • High impact feet
    • Hidden floor fixing points
    • Main frame lifetime warranty
    • Polyester powder coated finish

    Front shrouding is for illustrative purposes only and not included with the product.

    Length: 1153 mm / 46 ''
    Width: 1659 mm / 66 ''
    Height: 2332 mm / 92 ''
    Weight: 397 kg / 876 lbs
    Weight Stack: 2 x 100 kg / 2 x 220 lbs
    Optional Weight Stack: 2 x 125 kg / 2 x 276 lbs
    2 x 150 kg / 2 x 331 lbs
    Incremental Weights: 5 kg / 11 lbs
    Main Frame: 100x50x3 mm FSO
    Certification: EN957 / EN ISO 20957

    PLEASE NOTE: All Exigo equipment is made to order and is subsequently classed as a special order. Lead times may vary however we will always keep you updated regarding expected delivery time-scale upon receipt of your order.