Escape Synth-Tech Training Gloves


These gloves have the right blend of durability and usability: light but strong, and firm on the strike zone but cushioned on the palm. They also feature Velcro wristbands (Training Gloves) or an elasticated closing system (Punch Mitts) to speed up fitting and removal – perfect when used in workouts that blend a variety of exercises.

Gloves for pad or bag work need to be specially designed for the training environment and not the ring. That’s why we created our range of Training Gloves and Punch Mitts.

These Training Gloves feature mesh panels to improve air flow and keep users’ hands cool. This also helps the gloves dry more quickly after use. The injection moulded, one-piece padding helps to absorb impact more effectively than traditional PVC gloves.

The Training Gloves are available in three different sizes – 10oz and 12oz – and the Punch Mitts weigh in at 12oz. Green, red and black gloves give a splash of colour, but still maintain a professional feel for training sessions.

These gloves are ideal for introducing boxing training to your club when used with both punchbags and partner pad work. Incorporate running and jump rope moves into these sessions to give members a true test of a boxing training session that packs a punch.


Brand Escape
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New