Escape Nucleus Urethane Dumbbell Set 2-20kg with XRACK 2.0.



With a permanently-bonded, steel head and dual lock construction, this innovative dumbbell range even features weight indications with the opportunity to customize for your brand. The unique head shape is a mathematical transition from round at the front face to an Octagon at the rear, giving the parallel faces for anti-roll benefits.

HANDLES - Salt spray tested chrome handles.
BADGE - 3D embossed micro-injection badge.
FIXING - Premium textures for squat and swing grip variation.
LOGO - Client branding available.
EVOLUTION EDGING - Circle-to-octagon shaping inspires anti-roll confidence.

XRACK 2.0.
Updated with a striking look and improved space efficiency, the XRACK 2.0 adds angular style and practicality to any facility.

The XRACK's physical footprint as been reduced compared to its predecessor, further improving the benefits of storing dumbbells vertically instead of horizontally. It can now also hold additional weight ranges, and comes with the cost-effective and environmentally friendly benefits of being flatpacked for easy assembly on-site.


XRACK2: Weight 54kg/119lbs (rack only).
PUDB220X: XRACK2 plus 2-20kg Nucleus Urethane Dumbells (2kg inc).