Escape Freestanding Punchbag


For technique development, movement drills and conditioning, this bag delivers. Its light weight and two-part design makes it ideal for use as a station in a circuit as it can be easily moved into position and back again. It’s also the bag of choice for clubs who are unable to securely fasten a hanging bag to a wall or ceiling.

Unlike ceiling mounted heavy bags our freestanding system is easy to move around your functional zones, PT areas and studios. Bold markings on the tube provide eight focus zones meaning every punch can recreate head shots and body blows and the variety helps to add another dimension to combat workouts.

A compressed laminated roll of EVA foam ensures a consistent density of the punching surface, allowing the user to punch with or without gloves.

All bags have hot spots which are the most frequently hit but, to overcome the breakdown of the internal foam, the outer layer of EVA is bonded from a dual density foam to ensure the bag maintains its original shape.


This heavy duty bag, designed for frequent use, features a special formulation foam base which is stronger and more resilient than plastic alternatives.


Our bag is composed of two parts which can be separated for transportation. It comes with a replaceable tube insert made out of compounded foam rubber with a special anti-bacterial covering with a high resistance to tearing.


The design enables the user to get in close to the bag with their feet to deliver short swings but sharp body blows for higher intensity workouts.

This technique bag features a special formulation foam base that is stronger and more resilient than plastic alternatives. Plus, it can be moved around the club so you can develop programming anywhere on the gym floor.

Marked target zones give clients something to aim for and make programming easier. The Freestanding Punchbag comprises two parts that can be separated for easy transportation and storage.

This punchbag should be used for boxing only – it is not designed for kicking.



Brand Escape
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New