Escape Core Momentum Trainer


 The Core Momentum Trainer, or CMT, is transforming the way people train and target the core. It's about developing deep core muscles that are difficult to reach with standard training methods. The lubricated Power Shot inside the CMT collides with the Power Core walls, and controlling this force is what kick-starts the core muscles into action.


The Core Momentum Trainer is available in three weights - 1kg (green), 2kg (blue) and 4kg (red). The 2kg CMT is a good all round starting point for most people to get used to the CMT and its movement. Then they can drop down to the 1kg CMT to develop speed and fast movements, and up to the 4kg CMT to improve power.


The RACK5 is the ideal destination to keep Core Momentum Trainers tidy, safe and off the floor. The RACK5 stores up to 15 CMTs, so it is ideal whether they're used on the gym floor or in the studio for group training classes.


To maximise results, it's essential that any instructor looking to implement the CMT into sessions with members or clients learns how to effectively use the equipment. The CMT is unique and learning how it works is essential for effective application. The CMT Product Training Workshop provides everything trainers need to know about starting with the CMT.


Brand Escape
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 12 Months Warranty