Escape Boa Mitt


Put these mitts on at the start of the workout and keep them on all the way to the end. Thanks to their open-palm design, there’s no need to remove them when switching between bag work and handling functional training tools. They bring an authentic feel to any combat training session, but really come alive when used in a fusion of combat and functional training.

At a weight of 8oz per mitt, these are noticeably lighter than regular boxing gloves at 12-16oz, and put hands into a more natural position than gloves. So as well as being great for blended combat/functional workouts they are ideal for people getting into punchbag-based exercise.

The fingerless design used by MMA fighters for grappling is just as useful for functional training. Hit a punchbag, do a push-up, swing a kettlebell and lift some dumbbells, all without having to remove the BOA Mitts.

Encourage members to embrace MMA training within your club by selling them their own pair of BOA Mitts. This can be done as part of a training/equipment package for group classes or individual training sessions.