Escape Barrow Sled


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The world’s first loaded carry and sled push combo.

Introducing a world-exclusive - The Escape Barrow, a revolutionary (2 in 1) training tool that combines a ‘loaded carry’ with a sled push, to produce a ‘must have’ piece of kit that is easy and safe to use making it accessible to all, regardless of experience or athletic ability.

The Barrow has come about through a partnership with Pete Holman, world-renowned Strength Coach and Inventor of the TRX RipTrainer and Nautilus Glute Drive.

It is the first easy-load, back-safe ‘loaded carry and sled push machine on the market. Galvanized for outdoor use and durability, this piece of kit adds a new dimension to any turf space or functional training area.

The unique features on The Escape Barrow includes:

  • A small footprint and non-intimidating design
  • A impressive load capacity of 200kg/440lbs
  • Four handles, two vertical and horizontal, provide multiple grip options, promoting the engagement of different muscle groups depending on the exercise being performed
  • Roll it, push it, drag it, pull it - The Escape Barrow can do it all

Delivered to market exclusively by Escape Fitness, this product empowers anyone to escape their limits and safely take their performance to the next level.