Cybex Ion 3-Tier Hex Dumbbell Rack


The Ion Series 3-Tier Hex Dumbbell Rack has a sleek, attractive frame that conveniently houses one set of Hex dumbbell pairs (5 to 50 lbs; 2.5-25 kg).

 - Conveniently fits 5 50 lb HEX DB’s (10 Pairs)
 - Most cost and space efficient rack at 48” wide
 - Tray floors utilize rubber mat to protect hex dumbbell from damage
 - Rubber feet allow the rack to hold a firm position and protect both the flooring and frame from damage
 - Small footprint makes this rack ideal for small training spaces


Angled shelf prevents wrist strain while removing and replacing dumbbells.
Shelf utilizes an extruded PVC liner to minimize noise and dumbbell movement and protect shelf edge.
Full shelf prevents dumbbells from falling though.