Cannons Air Track Pro Air Beam


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Available in Pink, Blue or rainbow

These Cannons UK Air Track Pro Air Beams are a great way to gain more experience of using a balance beam without the risk of major injuries.

This Cannons UK Pro Air Beam is low to the ground which offers a soft landing which will make your skills much easier and safer to master.

The thick line in the centre of the beam is 10cm wide and 2.5mm thick so you will feel the edge of the beam and can focus on a nice, safe landing.

Its not just for home use as it can be easily transported to be used in the garden or gym.

Although this beam is sold for home use, it is also ideal and very popular with gyms and schools which have limited storage.

Sizes: 3m x 40cm x 10cm or 5m x 40cm x 10cm

Please note: this is an air balance beam and  NOT the 3 metre or 5 metre air track.