BlazePod Trainer Kit


Reach fitness excellence with the world’s leading Pro-level Flash Reflex training system.
BlazePod is the ultimate in flash reaction light training, perfect for Outdoor Bootcamps, Sports Coaches, Personal Trainers, and fitness/sports enthusiasts.

Offering a fun and colourful workout, this unique fitness accessory tests your reactions, and enables you to create the most challenging training programme and competitions, for you and your clients/teams.

  • What's Included?
    6× Pods
    1× Charging Base
    1× BlazePod Case for 6 Pods


  • Powerful RGB LEDs with 8 bright and alluring colour options
  • Durable, water-resistant (IP65), and with UV protection, it's ideal for outdoor fitness activities, all year round.
  • Simple and intuitive: No power button, no moving parts
  • Small and lightweight, this portable system can be taken anywhere you want to workout.
  • Can be attached to any surface with specialty harnesses, suction cups, cone adapters, and straps for a super-exciting fitness session
  • Comes with integrated, rechargeable Li-ion batteries with up to 12 hours of operation on a single charge (charge at least once a week for optimum use)
  • Space-saving Smart Stack & Charge Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication with immediate smartphone pairing and up to 40-metre device-to-pod range
  • 1-year Warranty

All BlazePods come with access to the BlazePod Go Membership, which is free for life!

Your purchase includes a free 6 month trial of BlazePod Pro Membership. To retain access to some app features you will need to subscribe to BlazePod Pro at £129.99/Year or £10.83/Month.