VibroGym Evolution (Excluding Upper Body Device)

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The vibrating platform with the most harmonious vertical vibration worldwide The new evolution in global vibration training is the VG Evolution®. This professional platform generates the most harmonious vertical vibration in the world. The VG Evolution® is highly suitable for gyms, physical therapists and health organisations, but also for beauty and wellness centres.

Technique & design

Innovative training equipment in terms of technique and design As for the first and best known vibration platform in the world – the VG Retro® - the inventors of vibration training have produced the VG Evolution® according to the highest standards. In addition to the technical conditions, this device complies with the strictest demands of our experienced VG International team for product development and design.

VG Vibration Grips

The newly developed device also comes equipped with VG Vibration Grips. These electrical vibrating handles are connected to the device through elastic bands, making it possible to perfectly train the upper body and adding a wealth of complex exercises to the existing repertoire. The progressively increasing resistance, combined with vibration, provides a training stimulus which will lead to quick, complete results in even less time than traditional training methods.

Material & design

In addition to the exclusive design, this ultimate vibration platform commands respect because of its innovative mix of high quality materials. The carefully moulded aluminium construction is extremely solid and can easily bear 180 kilograms. Available in Black, White and Silver.

Main display

The sturdy and splash proof display is easy to operate and to set up, so you can simply choose and experience one of the comprehensive training programs. Another unique training support system is the Cardio Colour Control, integrated in the software. While wearing a Blue Tooth heart belt, this software will monitor the training intensity live and show it on the display in colour. This ensures you will always train intensely enough, but never again too fervently.

Hand grip

The hand grip, fashioned from durable steel, has an ergonomic design perfectly adapted to the exercises. It is the outcome of a special anthropometric procedure, resulting in a hand grip that is 100% ergonomically reliable.

Second display

Halfway down the shaft is a start/stop/repeat button. This button lets users start, stop or restart the program easily from a low position. It also allows them to keep an eye on the time.

Engine and suppression

Two extremely noiseless engines, manufactured in Europe, and newly developed technology enables us to generate vibrations at 30/35/40 or 50 Hertz exactly. This guarantees highly meticulous vibration and a performance which is up to 100% better than that of other devices.

Quality & Service

Manufactured in Europe

100% aluminium

CE certified

2 years’ warranty

Total weight 140 kg

Technical Information:

  • Material: Aluminium platform

  • Dimensions: (l x b x h) 1000 x 990 x 1500 mm

  • Weight: 140 kg

  • Voltage: 110-130V and 220-240V

  • Power consumption: 380 Watt

  • Maximum load: 180kg

  • Frequency settings: 30-35-40-50 HZ

  • Force: 2.1 kN/3.9 kN

  • Colour: Ivory White, Venetian Black, Golden Bronze

  • Operation: LCD-Display, completely programmable

  • Warranty: 2 year factory guarantee *conditions apply


Brand VibroGym
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 3 Years on Motor, 2 Years on Electronic and 1 Year on all other parts