Primal Pro Series Adjustable Olympic Bench With Spotter & Platform


The Commercial Olympic Bench with Spotters and Platform has been engineered for power lifters and IPF style competitions. It truly is the ultimate Olympic bench for any commercial facility.

The Olympic Bench has an incredible 600kg weight capacity with built in safety features so you can train to failure and still have maximum safety in all commercial gym environments.

The Commercial Olympic Bench is not only made with heavy duty 4mm steel but packed with features for both comfort and safety. The pads are made with commercial grade foam and rip resistant Primal Strength branded upholstery. The Power Band pegs allow for additional explosive, power training.

As with all Primal Strength benches, the Commercial Olympic Bench doesn’t have any plastic parts which can often get damaged in a heavy duty gym environment. The welded footplates are made with holes so the bench can be fixed to the floor for safe use even for the heaviest lifts.

The powder coated 4mm frame is finished in Matte Nero with Chromed Olympic weight-plate holders. The bench can be used with a range of Primal Strength Olympic Bars.

  • Built to IPF Specification with a 600kg Weight Capacity
  • Adjustable Height of Safety Spotters & Bar Holders
  • Metal Commercial-Grade Pop-Pins for Quick and Easy Adjustment
  • Adjustable Power Band Holders with Pegs
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty, Using High Quality 4mm Heavy-Gauge Steel
Product size (cm) 148 x 132 x 130
137.5 kg