Primal Pro Series Tricep Kickback GLS


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The Primal Strength Tricep Kickback provides focused stimulus on the Triceps muscles that make up 2/3 of the upper arm.

You can Train with kickback / pushdown variations and dip variations depending on the seat angle and handle position used.


Adjustable seat back.

 Tilt the seat all the way forward for dip movements that involve some chest and shoulder, or isolate the triceps completely by keeping the seat back upright.

“Floating” handles

The handles are free to tilt on a hinge, meaning they stay perfectly aligned with your body as you straighten the elbow on kickbacks. They can also rest in the fully forward position to allow for a tricep emphasised Dip.

Spherical Grips and knurled handles

The handles can be used in either a neutral grip (hand round the bar) or with a palms down grip over the top of the sphere. This spherical grip allows you to easily dictate the angle of your wrists and elbows to suit your own biomechanics.

The Primal Strength Triceps Kickback offers a variety of training options to isolate and strengthen the triceps,  in a compact plate loaded machine.

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Product size (cm) 155 x 150 x 110