Chillafish Quadie + Trailie


Quadie+Trailie is a simple grow-with-me adjustable 4-wheel ride-on with attached trailer and is the perfect buddy to grow up with and to explore the world in style. Thanks to the 4 wheels, Quadie is a very stable ride-on toy for learning the first rides. Your son or daughter learns to move and to explore the world in a safe and fun way. 

Connect Trailie to pull a bunch of toys, it’s super easy with the click and play connector. It can also connect Quadie to another Quadie to play train together. Let’s double and triple the fun! The seat not only adjusts to the child's height, there’s also a small storage box in the seat to carry cookies or goodies

  • Grow-with-me adjustable 4-wheeler and trailer for kids of 1 to 3 years, recommended height between 27-44 inch / 69-111 cm, the best way to actively explore the world - Trailer and connector included.
  • Click ‘n’ Play connector: make your own train configuration, patented connector for easy connection of Quadie to Quadie or Quadie to Trailie, as many times as you want.
  • Easily adjustable seat: the seat with hidden storage grows with your child (8.6 inch / 22 cm 10.6 inch / 27 cm) to give full pleasure to your baby during his rides
  • Silent non-marking TPE synthetic rubber tires for both indoor and outdoor pleasure - Lightweight and easy to carry thanks to the carry handle
  • Made from lightweight steel, PP seat and TPE wheels, made to play longer
  • Comes with a fun stickersheet for cool customization.