Blue Rabbit Wooden Free Swing

SKU FS 2.4

My way of swinging!

This product is a free standing swing set, with hooks but without swing seats.

Since the KBT range of accessories is the most extensive on the market, you can equip the Freeswing completely according to your wishes. Make your pick in the variety of classic swing seats, baby seats, trapezes, rope ladders,… Or maybe you prefer a fantastic nest swing, a duo seat or a buoy ball. (Swing seats sold seperately)

As the children grow older, the accessories can easily be changed to suit their age. Easily click the accessories on and off with the convenient carabina hooks.

Whilst swinging on the Freeswing you’ll enjoy its premium stability. The sloping side frames and new state-of-the-art swing corners ensure long lasting fun on a robust swing construction.

Design Variations

The 2.4m top pole can accomodate 2 single seats, or a single seat and a duo seat at the same time.

The 2.7m top pole can accommodate 2 single seats, or a single seat and a duo seat or an oval/nest swing and a single seat at the same time.

Ground anchors and corner connections are also included.


How the swing will look on delivery

Please note: The wood is pre-cut but not pre-drilled. Simply follow the instructions.