Blue Rabbit Cascade Wooden Play Tower

SKU CAS 90-120 Red

The Cascade play tower is impossible to resist and will instantly captivate the youngest of our Blue Rabbit 2.0 adventurers with its charming looks. Easily accessible and with two platforms, the Cascade will provide plenty of climbing fun.

The Cascade has two connecting platforms and an inclined entrance ramp, which makes it easily accessible for all ages. Like the vast majority of all Blue Rabbit 2.0 towers, this tower can be built with different platform heights, 0.9m or 1.2m. The lower version of this tower was designed specifically for children of 3-6 years of age. You can also add a swing or challenger to the right side.


  • slide for higher platform
  • ramp to lower platform
  • platform sizes: approx 60x600cm (lower) and 105x105cm (higher)
  • NO ACCESSORIES included such as steering wheel, binoculars, etc, (available separately)

Design Variations


60+90cm platform height:   2.50m deep x 1.60m wide – comes with a 1.75m slide
90+120cm platform height:   3.05m deep x 1.50m wide – comes with a 2.30m slide

No modules or accessories are included, you can add them as optionals or choose accessories from the Related Products list to fill in the extra exit.


How the tower will look on delivery

Please note: The wood is pre-cut but not pre-drilled. Simply follow the instructions.